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Welcome to Hooligan Irish Water Spaniels. Florence Blecher has been involved with IWSs since 1986. During that time, she has served in various offices for the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America & is currently Historian/Archivist & AKC Legislative Liaison.

Irish Water Spaniels are a somewhat rare hunting/sporting breed. They are considered to be an "endangered" breed in the UK. It is the goal of our small kennel not only to help preserve the breed & its bloodlines, but to do our best to improve their health & conformation & to maintain their abilities in the field as working, hunting companions. Whenever possible, our preference is for you to come & fetch your puppy. That allows you to meet the dam, see the environment in which the pups were reared & to begin to get to know us better.

We hope that you’ll find this site both helpful & informative. We include pages with breed lore, general holistic healthcare information as well as advice on feeding a biologically appropriate diet. We’ve come to this orientation through much thought & study, & trust that you’ll find it interesting & thought-provoking.

We breed infrequently as Irish Water Spaniels definitely aren’t the right dog for everyone. However, we will always be glad to help with appropriate referrals whenever possible.

It would be neglectful not to acknowledge my breed mentors – Ruth Roes, Betty Liittschwager & Dorothy Read, aka "the Co-R’s ladies," for starting me on this path, & to thank them for their guidance, patience, knowledge, insights & advice over the years. Thanks too to Marion Hopkins of Mallyree IWS, for her good humor, her eye for a dog, her tenacity & her Yankee independence. Thanks also to my colleagues in this & other breeds from whom I learn so much.

Lastly, thanks to dear Karen Smith of Eleventh Hour Design, who patiently put this site together for us.

Animal Extremist Alert

In many parts of the world, especially here in the US, our rights to own -- NOT be “guardians” of -- & breed intact purebred/pedigreed animals are under assault by Animal Rights extremists like PeTA/People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, HSUS/Humane Society of the United States & others. Unlike what they would have you believe, these are NOT benign, benevolent organizations that help animals. Instead, they are immensely wealthy legislative lobbying organizations. Many of those groups promote juvenile sterilization -- castration & hysterectomy -- which is like performing those surgeries on a human infant. Medical studies continually confirm that hormones are necessary for the proper growth, development & functioning of our bodies -- especially young bodies -- including those of juvenile animals. Improper bone formation/orthopedic disorders, increased risk of many cancers, hypothyroidism, obesity, urinary disorders, incontinence, behavioral issues as well as reduced longevity are only some of the problems that may result from juvenile gonadectomy. In a small, rare, endangered breed like Irish Water Spaniels, this policy could have a devastating effect & ultimately wipe out the breed.

The saddest part of this AR ruse is the fact that this misguided policy will have virtually no effect on reducing the numbers of shelter animals. Most shelter animals are feral cats or mixed-breed dogs who are allowed to roam at large or animals who are surrendered by their owners because of inconvenience, laziness or lack of training. Statistical data clearly shows that shelter populations have been steadily declining for decades, yet the influence of well-funded AR forces grows stronger daily as a result of deceptive campaigns that resonate with “political correctness.”

I urge you to remain informed about these issues & to donate to your state, local or national dog federation or group fighting these Draconian laws. Please consider donating to:

• National Animal Interest Alliance  

• AKC's PAC or Canine Legislation Support Fund

or to other relevant groups & organizations. Also, please consider donating to or volunteering at your local animal shelter.

There are also nationwide, as well as state-specific, legislative groups, email lists/sites & Facebook groups. The NAIA list as well as several others cover the US & include references to worldwide animal-related legislation. Please -- stay informed! as well as many other Yahoo & Facebook legislative groups & lists

If you want to own a purebred/pedigreed animal, its parents need their reproductive organs. Please – always buy from a small, responsible breeder who works to improve, maintain & preserve the health, conformation, abilities & bloodlines of their breed. These animals are purpose bred for the betterment of their breeds! Thank you!

A Bit About Biddy

The dog in the header of this web site is bitch called Biddy III, who apparently belonged to MJ Wray of Glasgow Scotland. She’s shown here an 1886 illustration by IJD Snickt. This is one of my favorite IWS images and I think that she's a lovely example of the breed. She has a wonderful, thick "bee sting" tail; dark small, almond shaped eyes; a nice big nose; long ears; thin lips/flews; good proportions and angulation; dense, curly coat; big feet; and a beautifully chiseled head. She may not be presented in today's “fashion,” but she has much to commend her.

I love the history of this breed, so what could be better than to have Miss Biddy watching over us?


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